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How we use technology to grow our business

At homechoice, we pride ourselves on being a technology-enabled business. Our web and mobile sites have been specifically designed to support our growth strategies. Significant investments have been made in our IT systems, core infrastructure and digital customer-facing platforms.


Throughout the years, we’ve also developed a strong in-house team of over 80 IT staff members, including developers, product owners and solutions architects, technical leads and software engineers. The team utilises agile SCRUM methodology to facilitate high-end collaboration and maximise efficiency on project-based work. Oracle commerce cloud services are used throughout the business and work is always done towards bettering our smart fulfilment processes and our innovative credit engine.


Our digital sales channel is the fastest growing channel in the company, accounting for 25% of all sales. In 2016 alone, over 10 million users visited our website. We have well over 1 million Facebook followers, and nearly 160 000 followers on Instagram. Over 75 000 customers shop via the official homechoice app, and steady progress is being made on our digital self-service. Our email mailing list consists of over 1.5 million addresses.


These investments have allowed our customers to shop for the homes they love with ease. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so will our business practices to ensure that our customers always have a frictionless shopping experience.

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